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The Repertory Grid Interview

Welcome to the Enquire Within web site. This site contains a great deal of reference material relating to the repertory grid interview, its underlying theory and the practical application of grid. Enquire Within is a general and business software application for deriving cognitive maps and is founded on the Repertory Grid interview

Enquire Within develops, charts and clarifies your thoughts and perceptions. It challenges your knowledge, feelings, and judgments in any area of your experience or that of your clients. It can be used for personal explorations or as a tool to help others explore and reveal their experience. There are as many potential uses for Enquire Within as there are purposes for which people would want to develop their cognitive maps - to grow them, challenge them, share them, experiment with them, reflect on them.

Repertory Grid arises from George Kelly's Theory of Personal Constructs which rests on the assumption that people are actively engaged in making sense of, and extending, their experience: expressed most succinctly as `Man is a scientist'.

Repertory Grid Applications

For a complete list of applications described visit the Site Map. To see our Repertory Grid Applications Blog go to http://repertorygrid.blogspot.com/. Here we are creating a directory of practical applications of grid which is being added to at least once a week.

Business Management and Consulting


Human Resource Management

Education, Training and Personal Development

These are just a few of the things Repertory Grid and Enquire Within can do. We invite you to explore what we have here on this web site to see how it might work for you and to download Enquire Within software free to check that it can do what we say. We look forward to hearing from you.

Please Note

This web site and Enquire Within are being developed as a personal project by me, John Mayes. Enquire Within Developments Ltd is a company that provides a structure for this project but it does not make a profit. Advertising on this site provides a small income stream which supports the web site and other expenses. Sales of the Enquire Within software also support the site and other expenses but do not anything like cover the cost of development over the years. I plan to continue this project indefinitely but would welcome discussion with others on ongoing development possibilities.

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Repertory Grid Applications Blog

The Repertory Grid Applications blog provides a directory of practical applications of grid.

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