Further Examples of Enquire Within in Action

This page and its links provide further examples of the Enquire Within tool in action for self-interviewing by showing how some Repertory Grid sessions might start


Following is a sample of the session set-up screens from some other Enquire Within sessions, to show a little of the range; and leave it to your imagination how they could develop.

NOTE: Screen shots on this page relate to an early version of Enquire Within.

An Exploration of Knowledge - (World War II Commanders)

[World War II Leaders]

This the preparation for an exploration of commanders in World War II. Fun to do if that’s your hobby, but actually it’s a thesis-writing program (your own, not downloaded from a ready-made thesis site).

Market Research

[Market Research Example]

Market research. Enquire Within will handle not just concrete objects like cars, but more abstract concepts like experience with service. Amongst other things, you can find out how you car resembles its closest competitor and what you would have to do to separate them; introduce MY IDEAL CAR as an element to be defined later; play ‘what if’ games by changing some of the features, etc.

Strategic Planning

[Strategic Planning Example]

A nice little session as a preliminary to a strategic planning session. The element creation questions ask for two significant events in the organisation’s recent history which were managed well; two which were not; two about whose handling people would disagree; and any two more at random. You can get people to do these on their own and then share, or try for a group-agreed solution from the beginning. It could be the start of some scenario planning also, after agreement has been reached – then you start to play ‘what if’ games by introducing new situations and influences to add to the ones they will have identified in the session.

Enhancing Self-insight, Motivation, etc

[Motivation, Self-image Example]

One of a number of sessions for enhancing self-insight, motivation, etc. This one simply asks for two key achievements per decade. The power of this session lies partly in the qualifiers - what motivated you, what skills and abilities you used, and the relationships involved.

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